North Texas Gravel!

Hard Rock Mary 208k (130 miles)

Join us on Saturday March 10, 2012 for a quiet ride in the country. The ride starts at 7:00 sharp. Pat & I will be participating in the ride. So, be there early enough to sign in, get your cue sheet, control cards, ask questions, prepare you & your bike for the ride, and hear the ride announcements.

Hard Rock Mary got her name because some think she's a "Hard" course, mostly on "Rock" roads, and goes to "Mary"sville.

This is on mixed road surfaces. About 70% (~95-100 miles)is on gravel, 30% (~30-35 miles) on pavement. The gravel varies from super smooth to golfball sized rough loose chunks of chipped rock...and everything in between. The pictures depict the average of what you can expect. Just to clarify, this is ALL on roads.

This route has lots of turns. Your cue sheet is detailed & verified accurate, so watch it & you will be fine. You will see plenty of dogs, cows, horses, goats, probably deer, armadillos, roadrunners & buzzards circling, maybe even a couple ferrel hogs...However, you won't see much traffic. There is about 35 miles of pavement. expect a few cars on the pavement, but almost zero cars on the ~95 miles of gravel. Cell phone service is spotty.

The route starts in Pottsboro TX, just 5 miles west of Denison on FM-120. The start will be at the Pottsboro Middle School, 207 Cardinal Lane. The route travels to Marysville & back, with stops at Sandusky & Lindsay. most of the pavement is at the east end, so you will get more pavement at the beginning & end, and more gravel in the middle.

There are 2 stores 1 block from the start, with food, drink & restrooms. Lodging & ample dining is available in Denison (5 miles east).

This is an unsupported ride. You are on your own. There will be services every 20-30 miles. Once you leave Pottsboro, there are exactly 3 places to get food & drink. This is an out-and-back, so you get these 3 options twice. The roads will NOT be marked, you will be given a detailed cue sheet at the start. The cue sheet may be downloaded here. However, consider that there could be last minute route changes, so the official cue sheet will be the one distributed at the start. Also, the route may be seen and/or downloaded at:

There are no fees for this brevet. However, you must RSVP, and you must be a member of LSR (or join prior to ride start time). LSR's annual membership dues are $25.
You may download an LSR membership form & mail your registration in, or bring to the brevet start.
You don't have to be a RUSA member to participate, but I do encourage it!

You MUST wear a helmet & sign the waiver. If there is ANY chance you will not be done by dark, please have lights & reflective gear. Remember, gravel is usually a bit slower than pavement, so expect to take longer than you would for a paved route.

This brevet is Organized & Hosted by LSR

(Lone Star Randonneurs)


This brevet is Certified & Approved by RUSA

(Randonneurs USA)



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